Paintings Gallery

My formal training as a painter began when I studied art at Hunter College in New York City. At that time my studio was a room in my apartment located in the Lower East Side. I would paint interior vignettes and views from my window. Eventually I explored other aspects of painting.

Sculpture Gallery

My engagement with sculpture began as a tentative movement away from painting. The paintings evolved into work that became bas-relief sculpture. Color became muted and was replaced with the color and texture inherent in actual materials. This ‘thickening’ of the painting moved to its logical conclusion where the art moved off the wall and onto the floor. In many instances the form of the sculpture has an affinity with architecture.

Commissions Gallery

While in Denver it has been my good fortune to have established a professional relationship with the owner of a very successful French restaurant, Le Central. Over a period of 20 years I have had the opportunity to create murals, paintings and even light fixtures for the building.

For several years I designed theatrical sets for the Industrial Arts Theatre Company, active in Denver for 15 years beginning in 1986.

Other commissioned work includes the design of exterior signage and the creation of individual works of art.

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