Early in 2013 I formed a for profit company called Art To Go LLC. The credit for the name of this company goes to my dear friend Bobby Gervey. The idea for this company is animated by the desire to enable people to purchase an everyday item that features quality art. The art will be inexpensive, and it can connect people to a place that has emotional resonance.

Currently, images of Denver, Boulder, and New York are presented.In time the repertoire of imagery will expand to include other vignettes of Colorado, and beyond.

If you are interested in an item it can be sent to you via US Mail. Please allow one-week for shipping. Items will be sent first class. You may contact me using the CONTACT FORM or at

Mugs are $17.50, includes shipping
All Mug sizes 4.5" tall and 3" in diameter

Prints are $22.50, includes shipping

Note cards are a special item and can only be produced in quantities of 50 or more. These note cards can feature an illustration of your choice. The fee for 50 cards is $100 plus the fee to create the illustration.

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